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Attention business owners! 

We do supply domestic koi typically in the 3-7” range for large wholesale orders. We offer a 70% discount on retail pricing of orders 100 or more domestic koi for qualified businesses. Our koi are born right here in Central Ohio and have all spent at least one winter outside in our mud ponds. This means they are hardy and have experienced the seasonal changes that come with living in the Midwest. We have both Longfin and Standard fin varieties available for wholesale. However we do sellout every year so stock up early if you are interested in our koi.

All of our parent stock are from some of the top breeders in Japan(Sakai, Hiroi, Shintaro, Dainichi, Suda, Yamasan and many more!). We select the breeding pairs in the early spring every year and place them in their own dedicated mud pond to spawn. On this page we will show you some of our parent stock as well as some sample bowls of what we sell. Please reach out to learn about how to set up an account with us and place your orders now because when they are gone they are gone!

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