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  • How do I determine how many gallons my current pond is today?
  • My fish isn't acting right. What could be wrong?
  • What should a proper quarantine system look like?
  • Koi Varieties
  • How do I acclimate my new fish when I get home?
  • Do any fish or plants purchased at Ohio Koi come with a live warranty?
    We do not warranty any live animals/plants once they leave our facility. If we shipped you fish and they arrived dead we require a picture of the deceased fish immediately after arrival. As we only guarantee live arrival. Please refer to the additional bullet points on this page that discuss the proper quarantining and acclimation protocols. This is critical. We strive to provide our customers the healthiest fish possible however the stress that comes with the change in their environment and conditions requires the new owner to provide them with the proper care necessary to thrive. We are here for our clients as a resource and welcome questions before, during and after the purchase of their new fish.
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