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About Us

Our Story

Todd Elliott started Ohio Koi, LTD in 2008 quite unexpectedly when a house him and his wife bought had a very small water garden. Once the snow melted, Todd started incorporating the water garden into his landscape designs. Todd outgrew the original pond in a matter of months then on to a larger pond. This hobby became an all-out passion. Within a few years three ponds filled up their yard.


Todd was introduced to koi along the way and was surprised by how big and beautiful they can become. He always focused on landscape as the focal point of the yard and learned that waterscapes can be just as beautiful if not more so than even the best designed spaces. This passion for koi continued to grow and in 2016, Todd decided to take his hobby to the next level.


Ohio Koi LTD was founded in 2016. Today we use six mud ponds and thirteen indoor tanks to manage both my parent koi and their offspring. They have secured more land that will act as future growth for Ohio Koi LTD.  We are very excited to be one of Central Ohio's premier koi suppliers as well as Ohio's only supplier of Nijikawa's line of koi food. Thanks for taking time to learn about Ohio Koi LTD.

All Your Koi Pond Needs in One Place!

Vast Assortment Supplies
Large Collection of Koi Food
Rare & Unusual Koi Species
Large Selection of Aquatic Plants
Granite Lanterns

Our Koi Fish

Any koi not born on our farm are quarantined and observed until we are confident that you are purchasing a healthy fish. We sell fish that range in size from 3" to 30" depending on the needs of our clients. If you are not sure proper stocking levels for your pond please ask!

What do we carry?

At Ohio Koi, we carry some of the most unique and unusual Japanese and home grown koi around.

Our Pond

Today we operate with six mud ponds, five display ponds and an indoor facility that supports 10,000 heated gallons of water for our larger koi. Come help us harvest the ponds in the fall!

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