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Aquatic Plants

Here at Ohio Koi we sell aquatic plants as well. This started based on customer demand in 2019 and we are stocking more and more varieties of plants every year! If you are looking for something that is not listed below, please let us know and we will see if we can get them in for you. All our Hardy Marginal and water lily varieties are in 1-gallon pots. This means you get well established plants when you buy from us. Below is a list of plants we TYPICALLY stock in the spring however we encourage you to call first if you want to ensure it is in stock for pick up. We do not ship live plants. They are for in store pick up only. 

Here is a partial list if plants we stock in the spring.

Hardy Marginal’s- 8” pots @ $16.00 each

  • Variegated Sweet Flag

  • Siberian Pink Cups

  • Bamboo Dwarf Variegated

  • Marsh Marigold

  • Horsetail Rush

  • Variegated Japanese Iris

  • Louisiana Iris

  • Yellow Water Iris

  • Blue Water Iris

  • Corkscrew Rush

  • Moneywort

  • Cardinal Flower

  • Queen Victoria Cardinal Flower

  • Yellow Primrose Creeper

  • Chameleon Plant

  • Clover Variegated - Four Leaf

  • Clover 

  • Curley Mint

  • Water Forget-Me-Not

  • Variegated Water Celery

  • Arrow Arum

  • Pink Pickerel Rush

  • White Pickerel Rush

  • Purple Pickerel Rush

  • Blue Bells

  • Pink Bells

  • Dwarf Blue Bells

  • Dwarf Pink Bells

  • Dwarf White Bells

  • Red Water Dock

  • Arrowhead

  • Chinese Lizard's Tail

  • Yellow Eyed Grass

  • Miniature Cattail

  • Black Flowering Sedge

  • Yellow Sedge

Hardy Water Lilies- 8” pots @ $28.99 each

  • Nymphaea Barbara Dobbins (bloom color light pink)

  • Nymphaea Burgundy Princess (bloom color burgundy)

  • Nymphaea Colorado (bloom color salmon)

  • Nymphaea Joey Tomocik (bloom color yellow)

  • Nymphaea Gladstone (bloom color white with yellow center)

  • Nymphaea Pink Beauty (bloom color pink with yellow center)

  • Nymphaea Steven Strawn (bloom color red)

  • Nymphaea Sunrise (bloom color yellow)

Hardy Lotus- 16” pots @ $74.99 each

  • Nelumbo Red Scarf (dwf) (bloom color red)
    Nelumbo Mrs. PD Slocum (bloom color pink, cream and yellow)

  • Nelumbo Empress (bloom color double white with pink)

  • Nelumbo Perrys Giant Sunburst (bloom color white with pink)

  • Nelumbo Russian Red (bloom color dark pink and red)

Tropical Floaters- $3.99 each

  • Water Hyacinth

Now stocking Tropical Lilies and Margionals

Call for list of plants available (740) 936-7866.

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