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Dimilin X

Dimilin X


One teaspoon treats 500 us gallons – must shake well
One OZ Treats 3000 us gallons water.
active ingredient is diflubenzuron and one 1/2 gal bottle treats 200,000 us gallons
Diflubenzuron – Benzoylphenylurea Compound


  • Best Known Effective Treatment for Argulus (Fish Lice), Lernaea (Anchor Worm), Ergasilus (gill maggots), Flukes and other Copepod crustacean parasites.
  • Non toxic to fish, plants or biofilter even at 10x recommended dosage
  • Insect gyrase stops crustacean molting, ending life cycle of parasites you can see such as anchor worm and Fish Lice.
  • Mixed with surfactant providing efficient dispersion and absorption for practical pond treatment applications


Shake bottle vigorously for 30 seconds prior to dosing

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