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Food by the Pound

Food by the Pound

1 Pound

This product is being sold by the pound. So for example, if you wanted to purchase 5 lbs of this food, you will need to purchase 5 units of this product at checkout. You can mix and match pellet sizes as well or just order a specific size also.


Koi Color is Skretting USA's premium Koi feed that includes high-quality fish meal and wheat germ. The use of Spirulina ensures bright and vibrant colours while added Vitamin E acts as a natural antioxidant, protecting both the health of the fish and its pigments. Following traditional Japanese wisdom, Koi Color includes the mineral-rich montmorillonite clay which can aid in detoxifying the pond environment and help to develop the Koi's deep bright colours.


  • The use of spirulina ensures bright, vibrant fish
  • Protect the health of fish and its pigment



Pellet size* (mm)Protein (min)Oil (min)Moisture (max)Fibre (max)Ash (max)DE** (MJ/kg)


* Floating pellet
** DE = digestible energy

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