Aqua-One All Season Pond Clarifier

Aqua-One All Season Pond Clarifier


Aqua-One is fast becoming one of the top-selling pond and aquarium products in America and the reasons are simple.

Aqua-One is likely the strongest, most complex beneficial bacterial product available.

It has no odor and usually sells for less than other products.

We also put a "best if used by" date on every bottle, that ensures that you are getting an active, robust product.

Simply put, Aqua-One works to prevent or eliminate the most common water quality problems associated with ponds and aquariums.

40 oz treats 11000 Gallons

How does it work?

The microbes in Aqua-One utilize nitrogen and phosphorous as a food source. They also consume sludge or bio-mass from the pond. The result is clean, healthy water that is easier to maintain. Pretty simple, huh? We don't think you have to be a shade tree biologist to keep your pond

Is Aqua-One a chemical?

No, our formulation consists of water, nutrient and ABS' proprietary blend of microbes. Are these microbes pathogenic or genetically engineered? No, all of ABS microbes are safe, naturally occurring strains that are uniquely suited for their environment and application.

Is Aqua-One hazardous?

No. It is perfectly safe for fish, pets, wildlife and pond people. It is classified as a bio-level1 microbial product. You shouldn't drink it, but if Fido prefers your pond over his water dish, it's not a problem. Are there any special shipping or handling requirements? The product should be kept at near room temperature to help preserve the shelf life. It should not be allowed to freeze. Aqua-One is non-hazardous and ships like any other non-hazardous liquid. Why should I continue with maintenance doses when my water looks great? Because we said so. Also, because the nutrient loading in a pond is very dynamic. There are many sources of nutrient that can cause problems such as fish waste, plant and lawn fertilizer, leaf litter, grass clippings, excess fish food, even the fish themselves give off ammonia. The bacteria are constantly consuming this stuff but when the levels drop, the bacteria will die off and need to be replaced.

Why is Aqua-One liquid instead of dry? When a microbial product is dried, there is an average of 40% loss of viability. Simply put, a lot of the bacteria die in the process. We believe it's worth the added weight to get a strong, complex product that actually works, don't you? Wetter is better.

Why do you put a "best if used by" date on every bottle?

The microbes in Aqua-One are living organisms and therefore, won't live forever. We know that when stored properly, Aqua-One will be good for one year from the time we brew it but we date it for 9 months ... just to be safe.

Does the level of dissolved oxygen in the water affect Aqua-One(tm)?

All of our microbes are facultative, that means that they can live with or without oxygen, but they prefer an oxygenated environment. They work and reproduce faster that way.

Does it work in large ponds and lakes?

Yes, but we strongly suggest sub-surface diffuser aeration. This will accelerate the cleanup of the water and the breakdown of sludge.